How it works

Credits, Plans And Service

Step 1: Choose Your Monthly Payment Plan

- Essential (500 Credits): £597 a month
- Pro (1200 Credits): £997 a month
- Max (2000 Credits): £1,497 a month

Step 2: Customize Your Monthly Package according to your needs:
On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Marketing and Advertising


Keyword Research (100 Credits)
On-Page SEO (125 Credits)
Video SEO (40 Credits)
Backlinking 50 (200 Credits)
Backlinking 20 (100 Credits)
PBN Creation (250 Credits)
10 X 250-300 Word Articles (40 Credits)
Blog + 5 Post Creation (250 Credits)
10 X Forum Posting (100 Credits)
10 X 350-450 Word Articles (50 Credits)
Press Release (100 Credits)
Press Release Distribution (5 Credits)
10 X Article/Blog Postings (10 Credits)
Link Indexing 50 (100 Credits)
Link Indexing 20 (50 Credits)


Article Marketing (100 Credits)
Social Media Marketing (150 Credits)
Forum Marketing (100 Credits)
Video Marketing (200 Credits)


Google Adwords Management (200 Credits)
Facebook Advertising (200 Credits)
Solo Ads Management (100 Credits)
Banner Advertising (100 Credits)


What are keywords?

Keywords are the words and or phrases which online marketers include in the text of websites , blog sites , webinars , videos , podcasts , articles etc . They then submit the keywords to the search engines. The keywords or keyword phrases alert search engines to the content of the information which has been published on the Internet.

What do you use keywords for?

Visitors to the Internet usually enter words or phrases into search engines when they are searching for information. The search engine's objective is to provide the best available information which matches the words or phrases entered by the visitor. The online marketer's task ascertain which words or phrases are most likely to be used by visitors and also the words or phrases which are least used by competitors. Specialist software is available which helps the user to select the best available keywords or keyword phrases. Software is also available will submit the selected keywords to the search engines. We do recommend that users should seriously consider investing in such software. We do have information and articles relating to the software on our website

Where should I put my keywords or keyword phrases?

In principle there are three types of keywords. They are for headers, for page titles and to be used in the run of text within articles, blogs etc, and description keyword for the content. One keyword header is required in effect to describe the overall website, one page title keyword is required for each page and up to five description keywords are required to be included in the content. In most cases three descriptive keywords would be sufficient to cover the content.
Keywords are also required for webinars, videos, podcasts, review and article sites, blogs etc.

How do I know which keywords to use?

To ensure that you know the best keywords for your site/s it is necessary for you to examine each page individually. Having read the content of the page choose a potential word or two (not forgetting phrases). These should be entered into a specialist computer program which is designed to analyse the word or phrase together with 50 similar words or phrases. The software will show the number of monthly searches (by search engine within a country) together with the use of those words or phrases by other users. You should include keywords which are compatible with the content have high search volumes and low competitive usage rates. The selected title keywords must be included in the title of the page and the selected keyword/should appear two or three times in the run of the text. When this has been done all pages. The information should be entered into a different program within the software package which will submit the keywords to the search engine. Further details about the available software can be found on our website.

Is it correct that search engines don't only rely on keywords is this correct? If so what additional action is required?

Search engine take into account many factors over and above the use of keywords. The following should also receive careful attention during the monthly search engine optimisation procedures.

a. The number of relevant links and backlinks are very important. Providing they are relevant they will improve the website's ranking, if they are not relevant the links will be detrimental.
b. As far as Google is concerned good, valuable content is absolute KING and always rank well.
c. Google monitor the number of visitors to a website and it will also monitor the length of time each visitor spends on the site. The more the visitors and the longer he visits last the better the rating that will be given by Google.
d. Google gives preference to interactive sites, sites which are enabled to be read on mobile devices, and offer videos, photographs, webinars and podcast facilities.
e. Websites which have titles paragraphs and short paragraphs light coloured back grounds tend to be favoured.
h. Good graphic design can be helpful although it is not critical as far as search engines are concerned.
j. The websites of businesses which operate in local areas or selected overseas countries require special search engine optimisation attention to cover their requirements.